provides deep, meaningful experiences through various Apps and websites.

Find some samples here.

Deep Legal

Find, rate and connect with lawyers.

Manage and organize legal information and apply machine learning to gain insights.

Tarot Card App

Calm down, think, feel, decide, and find answers in Tarot cards.

You can use 18 classic spreads or quickly build your own.

You can also write a diary beside your daily card.

W-virus (RTS game)

In In the game, you will play world governments racing to stop the W-virus from spreading across the globe (the virus version is coming soon!). This is a "real-time" strategy card game. You need to control the pandemic with limited resources.

The 16 cards on the board represent 16 major events unknown at first. Each event has a corresponding action which has a series of effects. You need to think about when to turn cards and which actions to take.

It takes luck, reaction, judgment and planning to control the pandemic.

DeepClub (Club Management)

For members, DeepClub is your digital membership card wallet.

For club managers, DeepClub makes club management easy. From membership enrollment to offline purchase, automated, simple, mobile.

For a limited time, you can join DeepClub for free and get all your membership data set up or transferred. (customized apparel)

"Anyone can buy designs, customize online, and create unique clothes."

Can we all afford designer clothing? Can we tailor them according to our personal preferences?

We are introducing the new custom clothing, affordable, personal, and convenient thanks to advances in on-demand production of clothes. On our global platform, anyone can sell their complete or partial clothing designs. Customers can choose the clothing type and materials, then buy designs and combine them according to preferences. They can also select the manufacturer they like. Before checkout, customers can preview the clothes on their selfies with AI technology.

This way, we also help designers monetize their work and help manufacturers gain more profit through differentiation. Without the overproduced clothes, it's good for the environment too.

Board-Game App

A handy tool to assign roles at random!

A platform where you can add your own board games.

Poker, Werewolf, and Avalon game functionalities are built-in!

Kirain (Data Labeling Toolbox)

How it works:

  1. Accept raw data from clients (text, image, audio, video)

  2. Pre-label with generic machine learning libraries according to requirements

  3. Manually label on top with our in-house team and tools

  4. Verify and correct with our verification system

  5. Deliver labeled data to clients for AI training

IEEE Conference Website

The IEEE International Conference on Connected and Autonomous Driving aims to bring together the researchers and practitioners on connected cars, autonomous driving, transportation systems and ride-sharing platforms to address core challenges with vehicle connectivity and autonomous driving. The conference will include invited speakers, panels, and presentations. The goal is to discuss and exchange ideas in this area and stimulate the collaboration between academia and industry partners.

Nonprofit Organization Website

The Association of Chinese Scholars in Computing website is an example of the different websites designed by